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Small Steps Adventure Tours is a name derived from a Toad Grasshopper (Tsokonombwe) that has small wings, it does not fly. It covers long distances by jumping one step at a time. Legend has it those centuries ago, when there were no vehicles, aeroplanes, bicycles and many other forms of modern travel in this part of Africa, people were inspired by Tsokonombwe to move long distances by jumping a step at a time. You are now inspired by Small Steps Adventure Tours to 'experience Africa one step at a time.'

Quality and value of your experiences with our tours, safaris and day trips.

Value for money doesn't always mean being the cheapest. Our high reputation has been built on the quality of the tours, safaris and day trips. This means ensuring that all the ingredients are right, not just the price. Many inclusions in the tours, safaris, day trips and adventures are the result of years of careful research and experience to get the right balance of quality and adventure that is best suited to you the traveller.

With our many years of experience, we are well aware of your individual needs. Travel will broaden your mind and it all starts with one small step. Get ready your appetite and let the adventure begin for a lifetime of priceless memories.

Small Steps Adventure Tours is a local tour operator based in Lilongwe, Malawi, Southern Africa. In operation since 2009, Small Steps Adventure Tours is founded on the following core values: safety, security and authenticity of its activities, providing you with behind the scenes experiences of Africa’s game, culture and landscapes.

Experience Africa one step at a time.

step into africa
step into africa
Experience Africa one step at a time step into africa
& Adventures
step into africa

The tours combine with all aspects of your interest: landscapes, golden beaches,

Liwonde National Park Safaris
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Liwonde National Park is the most stocked park in the country...

South Luangwa National Park Safaris
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Your South Luangwa Safari offers you an opportunity to view game in one of Africa’s most densely populated game parks in Africa.

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Victoria Falls is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Found on the Zambezi (middle Zambezi River),

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Malawi is endowed with wildlife, fauna and beautiful sceneries that are rolled into one to make your safari experience satisfying.

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